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Handling & Storage


• Before using any bearing; reconfirm the bearing application and   check the load conditions.
• Study bearing clearances and fittings.
• Check the magnitude of load before usage of any bearing.
• Use of proper mounting methods and proper tools should be    incorporated.
• Avoid shock loads by using a press machine.
• Adjust the preload.
• Use of proper lubricant with a proper viscosity.
• Proper lubrication method should be incorporated in order to   avoid rusting.
• Anti-rust treatment during periods of non-running should be   incorportated.

• Bearings should be stored in dust free environment.
• Avoid direct sunlight.
• Appropriate lubricant should be used in order to avoid rust.
• Bearing should always be kept in horizontal position.
• We keep bearings in appropriate bearing packing materials.
• Once dropped, bearings should not be used.